The Northeast Mission

The first service of the Church of Christ  among African Americans was conducted on October 7, 1947.  Services were held in the home of Evangelist and Mrs. Brown at 14 Herman Street.  Those present were five of their ten children, two nephews (Alvord and John Taggart), Bro. Coaster Sullivan and Sis. Willie Williams.

In May of 1948, a tent meeting was conducted on the corner of Ford St. and Waverly Place. Minister Brown preached for two months while John Taggart led the singing, but with no visible results. After the meeting, the church moved back into the Brown’s home. This small group remained there for a year, and then moved to 14 Vienna St.  Later in 1948, Bro. Cleveland Dunwoody, Jr. became the first convert of the mission of Evangelist Brown in the Northeast Misson.

In June of 1962, under the leadership of Evangelist Edgar D. Brown, the first service of the Northside Church of Christ was held in the YMCA on Gibbs St.Those in attendance were Minister and Mrs. Brown and their children, Wilson and Centra Dicker and two of their four children, Coaster Sullivan, Theodore Harley, Joseph H. Brown, and Alice Brown Williams.

In 1963, a building was purchased for worship at 94 Central Park in which the congregation outgrew in three years. In 1966, the building at Elmira & Grant St. was purchased by the City of Rochester for the Upper Falls Urban Renewal project. In 1976 another building at 8 Ernst St. was purchased the congregation worshipped there until purchasing another building on Jay Street. 

In 1980, Evangelist Wilson Dicker, along with his wife Centra and family, moved back to Rochester to become the pulpit minister of the Northside Church of Christ. 

In 1982, Minister Edgar D. Brown, James B. White, Cecil McClary, Sr., and Charles E. McNeal were ordained as elders. 

On April 12, 1984, Evangelist Edgar D. Brown was called from labor to reward, and November 5, 1995, the Northeast legacy was left when his wife, Sis. Candaisy Brown, joined her husband in rest.

On February  24, 2003 Dr. Wilson Dicker was called from labor to reward but the work of the Lord still continues as we forge ahead working to glorify His kingdom.  On December 27, 2006 Sister Centra Dicker joined her husband in rest.
The Northeast Mission - Northside History
Evangelist Edgar D. Brown
and Sis. Candaisy Brown
Minister Profile - Current Minister Jeffrey J. Walker

Brother Walker serves as the pulpit evangelist of the Northside Church of Christ in Rochester, NY and has been a member there for 22 years. During that time he has been active in many ministries under the leadership of the late evangelist, Dr. Wilson Dicker.  Brother Walker has served on the church’s finance committee and has been involved in the capital fundraising campaigns that raised monies for the restoration of Northside’s current worship edifice.

Brother Walker has been the bible school teacher for the new convert and adult classes and has been a teacher for Northside’s Tuesday evening personal work bible class for more than 10 years.  He has also served as a trustee of the Northside Church of Christ and as treasurer of the Northside Church of Christ Housing Development Fund Corporation, which is responsible for the building of Brown’s Memorial Manor, a 22 apartment senior living facility managed by the church. Brother Walker also serves on the board of the Urban League of Rochester’s Economic Development Corporation.

Brother Walker has been married to Sister Laurie Walker for 25 years.  They have three children Brett, Kristen, and Erica and are proud grandparents to four grandchildren Taylor, Breanna, Mehki and Maryiah. 

Brother Walker holds an associate degree in microcomputer technology and has owned his own computer consulting business.  He has completed church Leadership training at The Schrader Lane Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee under the leadership of Dr. David Jones. Brother Walker is also a General Motors certified trainer and curriculum developer and a certified HUD Assisted Housing Manager.

Brother Walker’s hobbies include reading religious publications, computing, singing, spending time with family, and traveling with his wife.

Brother Walker’s desire is to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ strengthen the saints and to help the church have a positive influence in the community.

Sis. Centra Dicker and
Dr. Wilson Dicker
Northside Church of Christ
634 Hudson Avenue  Rochester, New York 14621